Earth to Eve is a Los Angeles based musical project and songwriting machine comprised of songwriter, pianist, and producer Martin Della Nina, guitarist, producer and engineer Federico Giordano, and lyricist, songwriter, and vocalist Eve Weisberger.

The group combines the musical influences of Federico and Martin’s home country, Argentina, with that of Eve’s experiences growing up in New York City. Through the use of 60s rock elements like the mellotron, authentic Argentinian drums like the Bombo legüero, and classic orchestral arrangements, Earth to Eve’s sound is the amalgamation of its members and serves as a modern ode to the past.

Their first EP, ‘I Surrender,’ will be released on December 31st, 2020. The project features a range of upbeat melodies and dramatic ballads in order to accurately narrate the struggles and inconsistencies associated with mental illness, existential dread, and the desire for self-fulfillment.
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