BLVM3 is a Chicago-based songwriting collective united by a shared passion for music creation and deep respect for the craft of songwriting. We believe in music. We push ourselves to find what truly moves us to paint in time. Composed of musicians from various backgrounds, genres and styles—each member brings a unique voice to the table—resulting in a diverse range of sounds that are both innovative and authentic.

Comasoft is the brainchild of Jay Ramirez. Over the past couple decades, Comasoft has explored everything from electronic rock to indie-pop, under an atmosphere of 80’s nostalgia, set in a dark alleyway.

AUDIODREAM is the brainchild of Anthony Bagnara (Makeshift Prodigy). The songs and soundscapes borrow from pop, rock, electronica and ambient influences from art rock, experimental rock and trip-hop. With heart-wrenching emotion, and epic-anthemic choruses their sound captivates listeners from the first note to the last.