Edith Mudge is a composer/producer based out of Los Angeles, California.  To date, her music has been placed in 1544 episodes of 463 series.  Due to her rigorous 3-year training at Hans Zimmer’s Remote Control Productions and Bleeding Fingers, and 2 years of full-time composing at Jingle Punks, Edith has acquired a comprehensive set of musical, technical, and collaborative skills.  Her composing credits include YouTube Premium series Step Up: High WaterSaturday Night Live, and Showtime’s The Circus, as well as a plethora of reality TV series, including Queer EyeProject Runway, and The Real Housewives franchise. Her ad credits include IFC, KTLA, and Peloton.​  She currently composes for TV, film, podcasts, live theater and more, with a specialty in electronic drama, synth pop, and choral music. A full list of credits can be found on her IMDb page

Edith grew up in Redding, Connecticut, and later resided in New York City, central New Hampshire, and Amman, Jordan. She received her BA in Music from Skidmore College, where her work in composition earned her the school’s elusive Periclean Award.  After pounding the pavement in NYC, Edith came to LA to pursue work as an orchestrator, and soon after, she stumbled upon a panel of strong, capable women composers. It dawned on her that the only thing keeping her from being a composer, after all her training, was an ingrained belief that women aren’t media composers. Her path changed. She spent the next several years assisting and learning from  A-list composers, and writing in-house for music production companies Bleeding Fingers and Jingle Punks. Her work and life are greatly influenced by her stubborn desire for social justice for all, and her own experience that representation matters.

Always on a journey to explore her artistry and expand her worldview, Edith Mudge is ready to bring her enthusiasm, creativity, and storytelling skills to your project. Let’s collaborate.

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