Artist, singer-songwriter

Whether it’s her unique smooth voice, familiar pop tracks or bubbly personality, Los Angeles based singer-songwriter, Esthy will have you falling in love. She has already gained major attention worldwide through her engaging social media fan-base, and about to go even bigger soon; as her first EP is about to be released in early 2020.

Born and raised in Budapest, Hungary, Esthy has started writing songs at the age of twelve, and her first studio EP came out when she was only fourteen years old. From early on, her calling was to make music that resonates emotionally with her audience. Although she’s been part of several projects and bands, she found her true style as a solo artist. At the age of twenty-two, she took a leap of faith to showcase her talent in different music scenes. Esthy has traveled across Europe and the UK before she ended up in the City Of Angels. Her potential quickly got industry people invested in her music and she’s been working hard on her new songs ever since. Her first EP is about to be released in 2020.

Esthy’s music is heartfelt yet easy to listen to. Filled with plenty of pop beats and catchy lyrics, her songs will make you sing along while dancing in front of the mirror. Make sure to follow her journey on Instagram at @esthyofficial!

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