Songwriter, producer, artist

Zachariah Carlson a.k.a Famous Friend is a Los Angeles based writer/producer/artist.

Drawing on his experiences growing up in the private school uber-elite bubble of west L.A., Zach created the alter-ego “Famous Friend” to poke fun at the worst and best parts of living in Los Angeles. Known for wearing red dresses, turquoise earrings, and pearl necklaces like Audrey Hepburn cast in a John Waters movie, Famous Friend blends beds of washed out indie rock guitars with sparkling programmed pop drums, while exploring themes of isolation, jealousy, authenticity and everything else we’d never dare post on Instagram. When not taking the piss out of L.A., Zach is writing and producing for alternative and pop artists like Winnetka Bowling League, Mothé, and Drew Ryn. When he’s not doing that he’s at Pickwick Lanes working on his split conversion rate.

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