Artist, singer-songwriter

“Hello friends,

I’m so honored that you’ve made your way here. As we enter into a relationship of some sort, I want you to know a couple of things.

In early college, I worked as a camp counselor just outside of Yosemite National Park. Strangers became my dearest friends in just weeks, and we made it a frequent habit to set out on nearby trails past dark. Walking steadily for hours with just the light of the moon, we’d settle into a rhythm maintained by the sound of our footsteps and an occasional river. We’d lie down, far from the world but closer to it than ever. I can’t help but take a huge breath as I look up at the Milky Way. In this moment I feel alive, and more aware of how precious that is.

I strive to make songs that sound like how those nights felt.

We’d return from those days and nights to a new set of campers, who were consistent reminders that the feeling of awe should never fade in us.

Experiencing wonder and awe is my priority. I can only be an effective storyteller if I have captivating stories to tell. The sentiments I sing about are empty if I’m not living them. With that, I’m sorry in advance if I disappear for chunks of time without releasing anything; know that I am filling up my notebook with both sentiments and stories that I’ll share with you later.

I believe in music’s universal ability to make us all feel our most human. The more human we feel, the more gratitude we’ll have for the short time we’ve all got together.

I believe in prioritizing people and the planet.

I trust you to hold me to these priorities and demand music that reflects them.

I promise to make music that pushes the boundaries of sound. Having studied classical and jazz piano from an early age, my construction of songs will always be informed by many different corners of music.

I promise to use music to make more tangible the urgency of environmentalism, equality, mental health awareness, and social justice.

I hope that my songs compel you to spend more nights under the stars.

I hope my music is a worthy soundtrack to your drives through the mountains, your days home alone, your celebrations, and your times of sadness.

I hope that my songs enhance your time here, both passively and directly.

I hope they resonate with you, but also challenge you and spur questions and growth.

I pray that my songs are of great use to you.

With love,

Hayden Everett”

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