Artist, singer-songwriter

Singer and pianist Laura Loriga was born in Italy, and in the past decade, she has been developing her work between her country and the United States.

With her main project, Mimes of Wine, she has so far released three full-length records (Apocalypse sets in – Midfinger Records/Warner Chappell, 2009, Memories for the Unseen – Urtovox Records, 2012, and La Maison Verte – Urtovox Records (ITA)/Accidental Muzik (US), 2016), touring extensively with her band around Europe, with numerous shows also in California and New York, where she currently lives.

Her songs are based on her piano, organs, and voice, and they are often layered with both acoustic (dan bau, nyckelharpa, shruti box, and many more) and electric elements. The result is a series of darker, variegated, and cinematic compositions close in some ways to slowcore, whose roots belong both to folk and classical tradition as well as to experimentation and research.

Besides Mimes of Wine, Laura has been collaborating with various other artists, among which the band Giardini di Mirò, songwriter Jaye Bartell, and composer Leonardo de Bernardini. She has also been active in film music, contributing to the soundtracks of different films and documentaries. Among others are Shelter, Farewell to Heaven (by Enrico Masi), Valentin, Son of Europe (by Antonio Martino, with music by Jan Maio), and Demoniaco by Tommaso Buldini.

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