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Laura Michelle is a singer/songwriter born in Royal Oak Michigan and raised in Northern California.  Laura’s love of music came so early she sang before she spoke.  She learned piano at the age of six, began voice lessons at nine, then picked up the flute and clarinet by her early teenage years.

Laura’s gift of songwriting began as a high school student and helped her not only process the difficulties of life as a teen but also one who had suffered the loss of her Father after a 14 year health battle.

Laura Michelle’s first record “Novel With No End” was co-produced with Jim McGorman and included the songs “Chuck Norris”, “Novel With No End”, and “Chameleon”, which were all released as singles. The music video for “Chuck Norris” included the man, the myth, the legend himself and went viral earning millions of views on YouTube.

Through these early successes, Laura began to see a side of the industry she had often heard about, but hoped was only exaggerated. Disillusioned she took a step back and began to face multiple childhood traumas, including the death of her father, thus beginning a journey of self-care and healing that was long overdue.

This was not an easy time in her life but a necessary one.  Laura once again leaned into her songwriting to help her process grief and reached out to her long trusted producing partner Jim McGorman. The two of them began work on what would ultimately become her latest album “Shipwreck”.   Laura spent hours sitting in the studio crying as she and Jim wrote this collection of songs. Laura began baring parts of her soul she never felt comfortable sharing before.  A wonderful thing happened at the end of each session- Laura no longer felt as heavy, her heart didn’t ache quite as much, she had a bit more of a smile, and at times she even laughed.

“Shipwreck” is Laura Michelle’s brave first steps on the journey of healing the trauma of one’s past while looking towards a happier future.  Her hope is that this collection of songs will bring comfort to others that may also be on their own journey of healing and self-care from trauma.

Laura currently resides in Los Angeles with her loving family of rescue dogs; Skye, Gracie, Bella, and Rosie and spends her spare time continuing to write songs and researching her Irish and Scottish family history.


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