Singer-songwriter, Composer, Producer

On top of a solid collection of actual hats, Nat wears a fair few figurative ones.

Hat #1: Songwriter/Composer. Since a young age he’s been more interested in making new music than learning old. At age 11, his stern Russian piano teacher used to slap his hands when he’d start changing notes to Mozart pieces. Eventually he learned to follow that inclination instead of fighting it. He’s written hundreds of songs in a multitude of styles. He’s also composed string quartets, TriBeCa-selected film scores (The Exit Room, Foster Portfolio), and national commercials.

Hat #2: Performer. Nat’s an accomplished singer, keyboardist, and guitarist. From festival stages to TV appearances to top level recording studio sessions, Nat’s played, and sung, in most settings.

Hat #3: Music Director/Bandleader. Aside from his own projects, Nat Osborn Band and Hawthorne, Nat spent two years as the MD and keyboardist for celebrated blues/soul/rock outfit Sister Sparrow + The Dirty Birds. He’s also MD’d a multitude of other projects including RnB/Pop singer Garth.

Hat #4: Producer/Arranger. Horn arrangements, string arrangements, vocal parts, the production of an entire album—all are in his wheelhouse. He recently completed work on Darren Mastropaolo’s upcoming EP. Nat entirely self-produced The Quarry Island Sessions while in quarantine in Canada and mixed the songs as well (with invaluable input from Danielle Warman of Chiller Sound).

Hat #5: This actual hat.

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