Languid and entrancing, Ngels debut album Consequences marries lush electronic psych-pop and shimmering production in a sound both dizzying and immediate. The solo Alt-Pop project of Tyler Godfrey – with Clint Holgate on production and co-writing – rattles windows with kaleidoscopic harmonies and pummeling drums. Consequences pulls shoegaze into the Top 40, for a sound perfectly in tune with the modern age.  

Godfrey cut his teeth in a solo project (2012-2016) called James Allen Spirit. He recorded a self-titled debut with Nate Pyfer (Kaskade, The Moth and the Flame) and played a slew of shows around Los Angeles and up the West Coast. Burning out on the LA vibe, Godfrey ands Holgate reconvened in Salt Lake City and began work on Ngels in 2017.

The majority of the songs on Consequences were written in Salt Lake City, except for ‘Party Drugs’ and ‘Running’ written while still in southern California. Recorded at Holgate’s studio in SLC, the record features performances by drummer Andrew Toleman (Imagine Dragons), vocalist Brittany Toleman (Imagine Dragons, Mount Saint) and bassist Drew Beck (Mondo Cozmo). Holgate produced and engineered the album.

Thematically, Consequences wears its heart on its sleeve. “I wouldn’t say it’s a break-up record, necessarily” explains Godfrey, “but it has to do with addiction and losing a relationship in the process of recovery.” Indeed, beneath the iridescent sonics lives a record imbued with loss and sadness. A dichotomy, once again, very much reflective of our times. 

In an era of isolation, comfort must be looked for at a distance. Consequences stands as a reminder that while we sit alone in our own personal microcosms, we are truly all in this together. “Someone out there is feeling the same way” says Godfrey. “Once the dust settles you can look back and find beauty in the darkness.”

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