Artist, singer-songwriter

Samantha Margret writes music for the girl who wants to own her history, her body, and her feelings. Samantha likes big jewelry and every kind of fruit she’s ever tasted, and she’s a conscientious journaler. Her ballads tell stories about acceptance and showcase her soulful voice, and her pop songs are not afraid of a good time. She tries to never write the same song twice, and is always up for a giggle.

Samantha gets her second first name from her great grandmother. Margret was born with a second “a” in her name, but she gave it up after falling in love with a traveling salesman who had only seven letters in his name. Did she want them to match? Did he dislike the letter “a”?

Three generations later, Samantha was born on the same day and given the same name with the same odd spelling. As she grew up in San Francisco, struggling to convince teachers she was spelling her name correctly, Samantha took to poetry and songwriting. She learned by copying Sara Bareilles songs on the piano, and by writing songs instead of going outside. Did the gift of a missing “a” lead to the wordplay Samantha uses in her music to this day? Probably not, but who can really say?

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