Artist, singer-songwriter

Southern California born Trevor Hanks is a Singer/Songwriter who teaches music in the beautiful Pacific Northwest state of Oregon. 

At the age of ten, Trevor began playing guitar and wrote his first song when he was twelve. He found a love for punk rock. It was a chaotic, raw and real way to escape the troubles at home. It soothed his soul and still does to this day. This later led to forming a band with his oldest friends that continued until the age of twenty. In his twenties, Trevor shifted the focus of music and became a Worship Pastor, but later came back in his early thirties, releasing singles such as “Everyone Needs a Little Love”, “When We Were Kids” Currently, Trevor plays with his backing band, The Blackburn Rebels, made up of his wife, brother in law and a couple of his oldest friends from the first band he was in.

As he tells his students, “music should be fun. If it isn’t, you’re not doing it right.” This is the hope he has as you listen to his songs, that you’re having fun and relating. That it makes you feel not so along in a very lonesome world.