Zopa band Bio I first met Olmo Tighe when he was 8 years old and I was 25. We were both cast in the film “Postcards From America” as was his brother Michael Tighe. Olmo and Michael played the artist David Wojnarowicz at different ages.

Fifteen years later I ran into Michael (who was now a musician and played in Jeff Buckley’s band) at a party. I casually asked about Olmo and Michael told me he was playing the drums and working at the Strand Bookstore in NYC. I didn’t mention to Michael that I was actually looking for a drummer to play with and possibly start a band. Michael did not mention what type, style or genre of music Olmo was into or even if he was in a band but it didn’t matter. I knew I had to jam with him. Why? I have no idea. Instinct, karma, destiny? I can’t really say, but fortunately, I am crazy enough to trust my gut sometimes… even when there seems to be no apparent or logical reason to do so. I knew that the employees at the Strand wear big name tags, so I figured even though I had no idea what he looked like now, it would be easy to find Olmo.

I went to the Strand several times over the next few weeks but didn’t spot any Olmos. Finally I asked someone who worked there and they told me he worked in the warehouse. So I wrote a note and asked the guy to give it to Olmo. And Olmo was crazy enough to call me and set up a practice session. “Do you want me to ask my friend to come? He plays the bass.” “Sure”, I replied, “…sounds like a good idea.” The day before our first practice, my wife and I were at the Chelsea Flea Market talking to an antique dealer Victoria was friendly with. A tall young man approached me and said “I’m playing with you tomorrow.” He was Elijah Amitin, the son of the dealer we were talking to. Elijah was also the cousin of someone who once managed me…so…yeah… Life is often about reading what is in front of you, what is presenting itself to you, and all you need to do is be brave enough to trust in what’s there and let it unfold. I am so grateful I did.

Olmo and Elijah are incredibly unique, distinctive and original musicians and stylistically exactly what I had been hoping to find even though I didn’t quite know what I was looking for. What’s even more serendipitous is that they are two of the best human beings I have ever had the privilege of knowing. Our first practice was in Febraury of 2006 in NYC, our first gig was in June of that year at Cabaret Maxime in Lisbon and our first record was released in the infamous Summer of 2020. Along the way we played tons of shows in NYC, did an East coast tour of America, a few gigs in L.A. and returned once to Lisbon.

It feels like we are just getting started. I hope you enjoy the record.

-Michael Imperioli